Suggestions on how to use hydrosols

Suggestions on how to use hydrosols

  • facial toner, body and hair spray
  • soothing toner for inflamed skin
  • eye irritation
  • baby and child care
  • for pets
  • acne, rash and eczema
  • mouthwash
  • dry skin
  • hemorrhoids
  • other inflamed skin conditions
  • in place of water for sensitive and damaged skin care products
  • add to water used for ironing (especially lavender hydrosol)


Method of application: Hydrosols are used for skin and hair care. Apply on face several times a day with spray bottle and let it dry or spray a cotton pad with the hydrosol and use it to wipe away dirt, any traces of makeup or impurities from the skin before applying the cream. Use your favorite hydrosol instead of water when preparing a simple clay mask

Some hydrosols can be used in the form of compress for headaches, cellulite or tired eyes.
Hydrosols are used as refreshing “spray” during the day to improve skin hydration.
Hydrosol are used as soothing and anti- inflammatory toner to alleviate redness and rosacea or burns from the sun, or a mild antibacterial agent for problematic skin and acne.
Hydrosols are excelent for dry and irritated skin, because they gently disinfecting the skin by preventing the appearance of infection and irritation.
They could be use in kitchen mixed with water or other drink – add a spoon in a cup of water, tea, champagne ..



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