Sage essential oil (Salvia officinalis)

Sage essential oil (Salvia officinalis)

Size 10 ml

  • anti-cellulite
  • anti-acne
  • anti-age
  • antiseptic
  • hormone balancer
  • improves memory


Sage essential oil improves memory and concentration, and the latest research suggests its beneficial effect in Alzheimer’s disease. It suppor the respiratory, reproductive and nervous systems. It helps in the state of indifference, nervous tension, sore throat, excessive sweating, rheumatism, stretch marks and cellulite. Do not use undilluted  essential oil directly on skin because it can burn the skin. Instead, you can dilute 3-20 drops of essential oil with 30 ml of olive or almond oil, and then apply it to the face, body or scalp as a massage oil.


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