Lemon essential oil (Citrus medica)

Lemon essential oil (Citrus medica)

Size 10 ml

  • strong antidepressant
  • oily skin and dandruff
  • improve immunity and digestion
  • herpes, eczema, enlarged capillaries
  • improves concentration and mental stimulation
  • for air disinfection in infectious diseases
  • alleviate cellulite, rheumatism and muscle pain


Lemon essential oil is extremely effective against fatigue and stress. It can alleviate symptoms of allergies, acts against infections, strengthens immunity, digestion, mentally stimulates, it is excellent against oily skin, dandruff, menopause symptoms, herpes viruses and eczema. It can eliminate odors  and has many industry and domestic uses. Lemon essential oil can cause photosensitivity, do not use before sunbathing or spending time outside at least 12 hours after the massage. Make the massage oil against cellulite and / or muscle pain: Add 10-20 drops of lemon essential oil to 30 ml of vegetable carrier oil oil such as grape seed oil, sunflower oil, almond, olive oil, etc. For children or especially sensitive skin, add 5 drops of essential oil in 30 ml of the selected vegetable oil or a mixture of vegetable oils.


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