First Chakra Essential Oils

First Chakra Essential Oils

Size 10 ml

Aromatic blend of essential oils in jojoba oil helps to balance the first chakra. Dominant notes of cedarwood and juniper. It have a deep earthy scent, helps you stay focused in the present and stimulate:

  • stability
  • balance
  • materialization



How to use

  • Add 1-3 drops of aromatic blend of essential oils which balance the first chakra directly to the soles of your feet, heel or low back near the tail

Other ways to use chakra oils are:

  • Use as a perfume: Apply chakra oil to both wrists for everyday use as a perfume to support the chakras during the day.
  • Make bath: Add 15-20 drops of chakra oil to half a cup of sea salt for the bath and add this mixture to a hot tub.
  • Make massage body oil: Add 10-20 drops of chakra oil to 30 milliliters of vegetable carrier oil (almond, jojoba oil or other) and massage the area corresponding to the chakras or whole body.
  • Use in reflexology: Chakra oils can also be applied to pulse points (wrists) or to specific areas on the feet and palms that correspond, according to the chosen chakra reflexology.
  • Use in aroma lamp: Add 3-5 drops of chakra oil in aroma lamp, it is enough for a room of 10 m2.


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