Chakra Essential Oils Set in Box with Instruction

Chakra Essential Oils Set in Box with Instruction

Chakra set of essential oils in box a with detailed instructions for personal or professional use (massage salons, etc.) This set contains seven 10ml chakra aromatic blends of essential oils to help balance chakras. Please see individual aromatic blends for descriptions.

  1. Feet on the Ground: aromatic blend for base chakra
  2. Freedom to Enjoy: aromatic blend for sacral chakra
  3. Center of the Power: aromatic blend for solar plexus chakra
  4. Follow the Heart: aromatic blend for heart chakra
  5. My Truth: aromatic blend for throat chakra
  6. Finding the Purpose: aromatic blend for third eye chakra
  7. I know: aromatic blend for crown chakra


During use, you can focus only on one chakra for several days, or make complete meditation, adding chakra oils from the first to the seventh chakra (from land to sky) or vice versa from the seventh to the first chakra (from heaven to earth). After chakra oil is applied, focus on positive thoughts and affirmations aimed at balancing the chakra. It is ideal to rub the chakra of oil directly to the chakras before meditation or prayer, while the exercise of yoga, music or relaxation takes place.

Each chakra oil is unique because it contains specific essential oil that balances a single chakra. It is recommended that chakra oil is rubbed on both sides of the body, front and back. Chakras are energy centers in the body. The first and the seventh chakras are unpaired meaning that they have no back side, while the others are paired (located at the front and back of the body). The front of the body is connected with human emotions, and the back of the body along the spine is closely related to our will.  It is recommended that chakra apply in the clockwise direction in the case of lack of energy in the chakra or in the opposite direction of the clock in case of excessive energy in the chakra.


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